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Breaking Ground at Lodge

Pine Castle Lodge No. 368 was chartered April 22, 1969. 

This lodge is named for the Town of Pine Castle which was officially incorporated in 1925 in Orange County, Florida. 

The three Line Officers at Chartering were:

  • James Taylor Pegram – Worshipful Master
  • James Lawrence Harrell – Senior Warden
  • Arthur Charles Forster – Junior Warden

 The chartering Grand Lodge Officers were:

  • Clyde Shepherd McLaren – Grand Master
  • Carvie E. Webb – Deputy Grand Master
  • David H. Wilkinson – Senior Grand Warden¬†
  • Wilbur W. Masters, Jr. – Junior Grand Warden
  • William A. Whitcomb – Grand Secretary¬†

Pine Castle Lodge had thirty-five charter members who came from twelve other Florida Lodges and sixteen out of state lodges, representing fifteen other Grand Jurisdictions, including France, Germany, Puerto Rico and the Canal Zone. Only two lodges were chartered in 1969 in the State of Florida: Cape Coral Lodge No. 367 & Pine Castle Lodge No. 368, both on April 22, 1969.